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Construction Management

Morette Co. is committed to providing professional and effective construction management services. We want you to Get More out of every construction project we manage for you. From maintaining an efficient schedule to keeping your project at or under budget, we make sure your project is completed to or beyond your expectations of quality, scope, function, and above all, safety. 

It is our privilege to provide you with high-quality, honest, and professional service at every stage. We maximize your budget through procurement of labor and subcontractors, equipment, and materials. We respect your time by developing clear and straightforward communication protocols. We protect your investment by explicitly defining scope, budgeting, and scheduling expectations. We achieve your results by setting clear performance requirements for our team, and by implementing rigorous project safety processes, quality control measures, and meticulous risk assessment.

From project planning to ribbon cutting, we’re committed to Give More at every stage. With Morette Co., you can be sure your construction project is just as important to us as it is to you.


With convenience and collaboration in mind, Morette Co. offers comprehensive design-build project delivery services to its clients. Traditional project delivery operates from two contracts: one with a designer, and one with a contractor. Separate contracts can be confusing, create adversarial relationships between the designer and contractor, and lead to expensive delays and litigation.

Our designers and contractors work together from the beginning. Our clients have only one contract to sign, and only one team, working together to offer unified recommendations appropriate to your budget and project schedule. By eliminating the crosstalk, your risks are mitigated and your project timeline is accelerated.

We save you time and money by encouraging collaboration and innovation on the part of our team. When problems arise, issues are addressed creatively by the entire team without excuse or shifting blame. Our team-focused approach to client projects enables Morette Co. to Give More coherency, More efficiency, and More savings.

Preconstruction Services

A building’s success depends on the solidity of its foundation; we apply that same concept to preconstruction. Morette Co. believes that you should Get More from your preconstruction process. This includes your participation and communication with our team at every stage of the project.

We are devoted to quality, not quantity, in every aspect of your project. Our initial project evaluations, schematics, and budgets are based on our four decades of experience and relationships with trusted partners. We work diligently to pair your needs with the right subcontractors, materials, and equipment for the job, not just the easiest or cheapest. 

We plan for contingencies, emergencies, and discrepancies to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. We make sure the expectations we set are not only actionable but exceedable. We make sure the project plan is clear, concise, and cohesive for your peace of mind.

From initial meetings to detailed plans and schedules, to site studies and obtaining permitting, to land acquisition and value engineering—Get More out of the preconstruction process with Morette Co.


If you need help bringing your designer or architect’s vision to life, Morette Co. is here to help. You define your needs, set your goals, and determine a budget—we handle the rest. Working from your designer’s drawings and your predefined scope of work, we provide you with the team you need to achieve your vision.

Your jobsite is carefully managed and regulated, with the utmost importance placed on quality, safety, and security. We handle bid collection, facilitate vendor and trade partner communication, and orchestrate material and equipment procurement. We take care of the day-to-day on a construction site and keep you informed every step of the way.

It is our belief that you should Get More out of your general contractor than simple construction—you should be able to rely on our commitment to lasting bonds with our partners and clients, and our dedication to building legacies.