More Morette Co.


Since 1978, Morette Co. has maintained a reputation of integrity through open and honest business practices. With four decades of providing the highest quality construction services for clients across the Gulf Coast, we consider our word our bond.  At Morette Co., “Give More. Be More” is more than our slogan. It is the foundation of our commitment to our Team and our clients. As a result, our clients should expect the Morette Co. Team to work diligently to truly understand the unique needs of their project and to develop a plan of how to meet or exceed them during the construction of their project, often resulting in long-lasting relationships, partnerships and friendships. 

Give More

What does it mean to Give More? It starts with leadership. Morette Co. Team members are guided daily by our core values and philosophies, further cultivating and reinforcing an unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Our Team of leaders is truly invested in our projects’ successes, which translates to a Team that dedicates itself to delivering projects of the highest quality. We believe that quality takes precedence over quantity and encourages our Team members to prioritize excellence in execution.

Our approach is to be firm but fair in all we do. We emphasize growth and development in our team members and foster straightforward and honest communication with our project partners. Our culture of transparency has enabled us to develop and maintain valuable relationships with subcontractors and suppliers in every discipline. 

Our Team and subcontractors recognize that the highest priority on any job site is safety. Therefore, we strive to insure that our projects provide safe working conditions and constantly focus on making a safety-centric project environment for not only our subcontractors and employees but also for all those who are in and around our project sites.

More than half of Morette Co.’s work is for repeat clients. Our clients’ final impression represents who we are as a company and who we are as individuals. Our goal is to build confidence with clients by including them in every step of the project process, developing early visions into constructed reality. Morette Co. utilizes cutting-edge technology and our decades of expertise to streamline the construction process, giving our clients valuable time and resources to focus on the day-to-day activities of their business. Doing so enables them to give back to their Team, family, and our community. 

Be More

Morette Co. aims to build legacies. Our families live, work, play and raise their families in our community. We are proud to be local, and we enjoy being a part of the Pensacola community. We will remain involved in the growth and success of our clients and will invest in their projects to help leave a positive lasting impact on the Gulf Coast. Our team remains a strong support system for our clients even after the project is complete, allowing them to save time and resources when challenges arise. Our Team takes great pride in our ability to utilize our expertise and experience to adapt our proven processes to mitigate the impacts of our projects on our clients’ daily routines and our environment. What does it mean to Be More? Our legacy is left in each room, space, building, or project that we deliver. But no matter the project, Morette Co. aims to Give More, by allowing those who inhabit, work, play or experience our projects to Be More every day.  By safely constructing the highest quality projects for our clients and our community, we know that by encouraging our Team to Give More to each project, that in turn, our projects are able to Be More for their owners and users.